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X9 Webinar – Preparing for the Quantum Era by Dr. Michele Mosca of the University of Waterloo

Posted by Ambria Frazier

We have had two seminars on issues related to quantum computers.  One from ISARA on the basics of quantum computers and quantum safe algorithms and one from NIST that included background information on quantum computers and details on their multi-year program to identify, test and publish quantum safe algorithms.  Now it is time to hear from someone that has a real working quantum computer.  Dr. Michele Mosca is a co-founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Canada and has been studying quantum computers and quantum safe cryptographic algorithms for over 17 years.  The Institute has a working small-scale quantum computer.  Dr. Mosca has a well-known formula to determine when you should worry about a quantum computer compromising your data.  Dr. Moody (NIST) references this formula in his presentation last month. Dr. Mosca will discuss this formula and a number of other issues to help you prepare for the quantum computing era.

Visit our registration page to get more details and to register for this event. Any who are interested are welcome to attend.

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