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BTRS Code Request

The BTRS Code list standardizes Account Status/Balance, Transaction Summary, and Transaction Detail codes across the industry. Old BAI2 codes were thoroughly evaluated and many were retired because they were outdated, redundant, or ambiguous. The resultant BTRS code set provides for a clearer association to Transaction Detail Codes and a standard map to one Summary Code – it also provides interoperability with ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT. We expect that this BTRS Code list will adapt to the changing global financial environment and provide this process to request new codes.

If you need a new code, please fill out this form to request a new financial Status, Summary or Detail Code. During this process you may temporarily use a code, of your choosing, from the 900 series (see the BTRS Guide for details). A BTRS representative will contact you to confirm that the request has been received and invite you to an upcoming BTRS Committee meeting to present it.

BTRS Code Request Form


Please classify the proposed new transaction code.



Please justify the need for the proposed new transaction code.