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X9’s Program of Work

Overview of the Work of X9 (2023)

ASC X9 is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain United States standards for the financial services industry.  X9 has 128 standards that are either under development or being maintained by X9 as American National Standards.  In addition to these, X9 works with ISO on another 103 international standards.  X9 supports the international standards by representing the United States on three different ISO Technical Committees.   X9 is authorized by ANSI to maintain four Technical Advisor Groups (TAGs).  X9 has the United States TAGs to ISO TC68, TC68/SC2, TC68/SC8, TC68/SC9 and TC321.  X9 also has groups for: Quantum Computing Risk, Artificial Intelligence, creation of a Financial PKI System for the financial industry, the USDA’s EBT Chip Card and many others.

The X9 Program of Work document lists all the standards that X9 either directly maintains as an American National Standard or maintains through ISO as an international standard.  It also provides background information for each X9 subcommittee, work group, study group, and industry forum.  Included in the document is information about other organizations that X9 has a formal relationship with.

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