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Proposing Changes to Continuous & Periodically Maintained Standards

X9’s Standards are kept current and relevant by means of timely revisions. Some of our standards are on periodic maintenance which means they are reviewed on a fixed cycle, usually every 5 years but it can be updated sooner, if required. Other standards are on continuous maintenance which means they can be updated several times a year or when required. All current X9 standards on continuous maintenance are listed below. (Note: X9 is approved by ANSI to use continuous maintenance.) All other X9 standards are on periodic maintenance.

X9 Standards Maintained Under Continuous Maintenance:

  • ANSI X9.138-2020 Distributed Ledger Technologies Terminology
  • ANSI X9.129-2020 – Legal Orders Exchange Standard

Anyone may submit a change request for any X9 standard or related document. To submit a change request, download a Change Management Submittal form (click here). Complete the form and follow the directions for emailing it to X9. The completed form will be forwarded to the appropriate X9 subcommittee for review and disposition. The subcommittee’s decision will be communicated to the submitter within forty five (45) days of submission of a completed form.