BTRS Validator

Notice: April 4, 2017, BTRS Validator is now Available

X9 and Volante Technologies Inc. are pleased to announce the release of a web based application for testing and validating BTRS messages. The application is web based and can be used by anybody wishing to compare their BTRS messages with the requirements of the BTRS standard. Special thanks to Volante Technologies Inc. for writing the application and making it available to the public. The application can be accessed at BTRS Validator web site listed below. Use of the application is provided free of charge. The application is provided without any guarantees or warranty. Neither X9 nor Volante Technologies is responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the application.

Click here to Access the BTRS Validator

Please Note:
We would like to know your plans or any questions you have for upgrading to BTRS. Please contact us to provide valuable feedback.