Image Test Registry

Part 1 of ANS X9.100-40-1 defines the elements and structures for standard check image tests used by the
financial industry to assess specific attributes of check images. The specification establishes a framework for
defining check image tests, conveying the results from executing a check image test, and conveying any
parameters used in executing check image tests.
Part 2 of ANS X9.100-40 describes the application and registration procedures used to register check image tests
that conform to this ANS X9.100-40 Part 1 standard.
Check image tests that are submitted to X9 for consideration in accordance with ANS X9.100-40 Part 2 are listed
in the X9 Registry for Check Image Tests after the Application for a new check image test is approved. ANS X9.100-40-1&2 are maintained by the X9AB standards committee.
The term “check” includes checks, substitute checks, and related check–sized financial items such as deposit
tickets, cash tickets, and batch headers.  While, the initial application for the standard is to support check image
tests pertaining to image quality, the it may be applicable to any check image test that has a business purpose and
is compatible with the structure defined in the standard.


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