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Call for Participants: Revision of X9.79-4 Public Key Infrastructure Part 4: Asymmetric Key Management

Posted by Ambria Frazier

The X9F4 Cryptographic Protocols and Application Security work group has begun the revision of the X9.79-4 Public Key Infrastructure – Part 4: Asymmetric Key Management standard. This standard addresses the management and security of asymmetric keys for protecting financial information and other associated data independent of the asymmetric algorithm, schemes or public key cryptography protocol.  An asymmetric key pair consists of a mathematically related private key and public key that are jointly created using an asymmetric key generation algorithm.  Only the public key (often encapsulated within an X.509 certificate issued by a certification authority) is distributed to the relying party.  The corresponding private key must be retained by the originating party.  Updates are needed to address changes in technology in the financial services industry.

This announcement is being made so that those who would like to work on this standard will have the opportunity to do so. If you are not currently involved in the X9F4 work group and are interested in participating in this revision work, please contact us.

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