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Registration for Membership in X9 US TAGs

(TC68, TC321, TC322)


X9 now has a separate United States Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for each of the following ISO technical committees: TC68, TC322 and TC321.  Until recently, X9 had just one US TAG for TC68 and all X9 Category A members were automatically made a member.  At the fall X9 Board meeting (Oct. 16/17, 2019), the Board voted to make membership in all three TAGs optional to X9 Category A members.  That means each Category A Board member must now take action to opt-in to any of the three US TAGs they want to participate in.  If a Category A member takes no action, they will be removed from all X9 US TAGs including TC68.  Category A members can change their membership in US TAGs at any time in the future by contacting a staff member with their request.

All Category A members are asked to complete the registration form below.  There is a short description of each of the ISO technical committees and members are asked to select whether they want to join each corresponding US TAG.


Register to Join the US TAG for TC68 - Financial Services Technical Committee 68 (ISO/TC68) is the ISO standards development committee designated to develop standards and technical reports for the financial services businesses and transactions. Financial services includes depository institutions, which traditionally are recognized as financial institutions, non-depository institutions or finance companies, consumer and commercial lenders that raise funds in the capital markets, the buy and sell side of the securities markets, private equity firms, mutual fund complexes, central banks, electronic clearing networks and other financial intermediaries, and mortgage and insurance companies. Originally formed in 1948, ISO/TC68's work continues to grow in importance as new technologies, financial products, cross-border processes evolve and the needs for information security increase in our modern global economy.

Register to Join the US TAG for TC322 - Sustainable Finance Standardization in the field of sustainable finance to integrate sustainability considerations including environmental, social and governance practices in the financing of economic activities. The TC for sustainable finance will have close cooperation with TC68 in the field of financial services, the TC207 in the field of environmental management, the TC251 in the field of asset management and TC309 in the field of governance of organizations.