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X9 TR39 – Retail Financial Services Compliance Guideline                Part 1: PIN Security and Key Management


Where is X9 TR39?

In 2018, ASC X9 Financial Industry Standards (“X9”) entered into a long term partnership with PCI Security Standards Council (“PCI”) to combine the X9 TR39 technical report with the PCI PIN Security – Requirements and Testing Procedures standard.  The later being the surviving document.  Over the next months, members of X9 and PCI worked together to combine the two documents.  The combined document is version 3.0 of the PIN Security – Requirements and Testing Procedures standard which was approved in August 2018.  X9 will continue to partner with PCI on future versions of the standard.  (If you are interested in working with X9 on future versions, please contact us for details.)  On November 18, 2019, X9 approved the withdrawal of X9 TR39 from publication.  Since all work for several years has been directed to the PCI standard, X9 TR39 was out of date.  The PCI standard can be downloaded from PCI by clicking on following link: PIN Security – Requirements and Testing Procedures standard.