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X9 Seminar – Cryptography in a Post-Quantum World by Dustin Moody of NIST

In recent years, there has been a substantial amount of research on quantum computers—machines that exploit quantum mechanical phenomena to solve mathematical problems that are difficult or intractable for conventional computers. If large-scale quantum computers are ever built, they will compromise the security of many commonly used cryptographic algorithms. In particular, quantum computers would completely break many public-key cryptosystems, including those standardized by NIST and other standards organizations.  A significant effort will be required to develop, standardize, and deploy new post-quantum algorithms.

In this talk, Dustin will share what steps NIST has taken in response to this potential threat.  This includes details of the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography project and the public standardization process that we launched in 2016.  This worldwide competition-like process included a call for new quantum-resistant algorithms.  The final deadline for submission was November 30, 2017.

Dustin Moody is the project lead for the NIST post-quantum crypto project and is a mathematician in the Computer Security Division of NIST.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a measurement standards laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce. Its mission is to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness.

X9 Seminar Information:

Date: Tuesday Dec. 19, 2017
Time: 12:00 noon ET – 1:30 PM ET
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