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X9 Seminar of Blockchain Technology Presented by IBM


The Accredited Standards Committee X9 is pleased to sponsor a seminar on Blockchain technology.  Mr. Nitin Gaur, director at IBM Blockchain Labs in Austin, TX, will be making the presentation.  IBM has a number of current projects that are based on Blockchain technology.  Mr. Gaur has experience with Blockchain technology and a background in mobile payments.  We are looking forward Mr. Gaur’s presentation.

The seminar was held on February 29, 2016.  A recording of the seminar is available below along with copies of the presentation.

URL to the audio recording of the seminar (MP3):
Blockchain Seminar Audio

Click below to download the presentations:
Blockchain Explained v2.09

Best regards,

Steve Stevens
Executive Director of ASC X9
275 West Street Suite 107
Annapolis, MD 21401
Office: 410-267-7707