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Demystifying blockchain mechanics Reg

X9 is sponsoring a second seminar on blockchain technology.  The seminar is titled “Demystifying Blockchain Mechanics” or “Blockchain for Dummies”.  It will be presented by Terence Spies from HP.  Terence is also the X9F1 chair.  Please invite anyone from your company that would be interested.  We have a limit of 200 dial-in lines and you will be able to follow the presentation on a website.  The abstract for the presentation is listed below.

Abstract: In late 2008, the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto” published the original Bitcoin paper, describing a unique electronic currency protocol distinguished from previous systems primarily through the use of a consensus-based structure called a blockchain.  Blockchains enable cryptographic integrity without reliance on a central authority, instead of using a proof-of-work system to ensure transactions are valid.  The talk will build a bridge from common cryptographic primitives (digital signatures and hashes) to the basic blockchain mechanisms, and also explore the mechanisms used in post-Bitcoin systems that replace strict proof-of-work systems with permission-based mining to build private blockchain applications.

Call Information:
April 12, 2016 12:00 pm EST – 1:30 pm 

The dial-in and viewing information will be emailed to registered participates on April 11, 2016.