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X9C Corporate Banking Subcommittee – Project Status

Call for Experts

X9.149 Virtual Purchase Card Payment Automation

Project Description| The proposed work relates to Single Use Purchase card accounts (SUA) and will focus on standardizing the user side of the transaction in an effort to reduce overhead and pain points. The work will review methods to deliver the SUA transaction notice, propose common syntax and formats for information in the notice, define minimum levels of user authentication and payment security, transmit remittance data, and identify possible APIs that would help automate the overall process.

Project Need| The current process of accepting SUA cards is labor intensive; every issuer has different SUA email payment formats and card credential access requirements. The process to retrieve the payment card data, process the payment and apply the payments to outstanding invoice records is a most challenging experience for suppliers.

Stakeholders| Financial institutions, Suppliers, ERP / AR Vendors

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Current Work

X9.121-2016 BTRS Version 3

This standard was published February 19, 2016 and was worked on by the BTRS Version 3 working group. The Balance and Transaction Reporting Standard established a common format for exchanging cash management account data. By establishing an efficient mechanism for communication among multiple parties, the standard facilitates complete, accurate, and timely information reporting, and helps reduce the cost of providing this service.

X9C BTRS Committee has updated the Detail and Summary codes to support the new Real Time Payment credit transfers. This new version supports Ultimate Parties and improvements to account, postal address and remittance information reported. In collaboration with The Clearing House and the Common Global Implementation Committee (CGI for ISO 20022), these codes become the standard in both BAI2 and BTR3 formats. The codes recognize Real Time Payments as a new payment method, separate from Wire and ACH, that allows BTRS/BAI2 users to report and reconcile them separately. 

Potential Projects for X9C 

X9C discussed the possibility of creating an inventory or catalog of electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) standards. This would be an effort similar in style and detail to TR 44-2013 Remittance Standards Inventory