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The X9 organization is made up of its Board of Directors/Consensus Body and four Subcommittees of organizational experts mirroring important business sectors of the financial services industry. Under these broad business areas further specialists are organized creating Working Groups, Working Groups are formed as the need arises.

X9A – Retail Payments Subcommittee

The X9A Retail Payments Subcommittee develops and supports standards that are focused on retail card and mobile based payments affecting consumers, including electronic benefits. X9A Retail Payments also houses U.S. mirror groups to ISO TC68 groups responsible for developing and supporting international retail card and mobile-based payments.

X9B Checks and Back-Office Operations

The X9B Checks and Back-office Operations Subcommittee develops and supports standards that are focused on interoperability and reduction of dependency on manual and paper-based processing. Presently, the X9B Checks Back-office Operations Subcommittee supports standards for design of all elements of manufacturing, electronic processing and delivery of checks, as well as other paper-based back-office operations, such as legal orders (subpoenas, levies, etc.).

X9C-Corporate Banking

Corporate banking is an umbrella term for treasury, finance, and cash management functions within a corporation and for banking services offered to corporations. Corporate banking is separate from capital-raising, mergers advice or risk mitigation. It’s usually the work-a-day stuff of a corporate treasurer: Moving cash between thousands of separate accounts; handling foreign-currency transactions; financing short-term trade balances; and processing customer payments.


The Securities Subcommittee X9D develops standardization of electronic institutional trade communications for the securities industry, securities data dictionary, procedures, information requirements, and paper documents related to securities processing.

X9F-Data & Information Security

The Data and Information Security Subcommittee X9F deals with standardization to reduce financial data security risk and vulnerability.