ASC X9 Webinar – Using ISO 20022 Remittance Information to Improve B2B Payment Processes


ISO® 20022 is the wave of the future in payments and we are starting to see this come to fruition, particularly with the new instant payments systems and wire systems in the United States. But what does this mean in terms of getting remittance information about a payment that companies can actually use to automate accounts receivable cash application? The ISO 20022 standard provides rich data content in a structured format. Come to the webinar to learn about X9’s new ISO 20022 Remittance Content Market Guide. It provides guidance on remittance information content for business-to-business payments to facilitate consistent data usage regardless of the payment type. The guide includes detailed information and real-world examples to assist with the implementation of ISO 20022 and simplify integration into accounts payable and accounts receivable systems.


Rich Dooley, Regions Bank
Carolyn Kroll, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Steve Wasserman, Vments

Webinar Details

Thursday, June 30, 3:00 to 4:30 pm ET