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ASC X9 Webinar – Update on “Quantum-Safe Cryptographic Process Security Validation Platform” workstream of ITU-Digital Currency Global Initiative, Security & Assurance WG


The workstream being presented leverages the security model published by ITU-T, technical report “Unified Security Model (USM),” and a model emulating software tool to capture, visualize and preserve knowledge related to a given use case target. In this case, what constitutes “all matters Cryptographic Processes,” including all enabling assets, herein referred to as CP Ontology.
With the knowledge of what constitutes a future “Quantum Safe” state captured in the CP Ontology as future enhanced enabling assets; a replacement road map can be defined to transition between the current un-safe state based on weak algorithms and the desired future safe state based on the replacement algorithms.
Briefing will briefly cover Cryptographic Process Ontology, as its nature or fidelity may be the subject of a future joint discussions. Demonstrate model, method and tool for a consistent and measurable high assurance Quantum Transition.


Paul Lloyd, Security Strategist, HPE, Vice Team Lead of workstream, ITU-DCGI

Jacques Francoeur, Team lead of Security & Assurance Working Group, ITU-DCGI
Chief Scientist & Founder, Security Inclusion Now

Bruce Moulton, Chief Architect at Spheric Security Solutions, Inc.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET


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