X9 Project Status

At any given time, X9 is working on dozens of standards related projects. This page tracks the status of X9’s major projects and is organized by the X9 subcommittee performing the work. If you would like more information about a project or information about joining a project, please contact one of our staff by email at or at 410-267-7707.

Project Status as of March 2017

Click on the X9 Subcommittee below to see the major projects they are currently working on.

  1. X9A – Retail Payments Subcommittee
  2. X9B – Checks and Back-office Operations Subcommitee
  3. X9C – Corporate Banking Subcommittee (B2B, BTRS, Remittance)
  4. X9D – Securities Subcommittee (CUSIP, ISIN, OTC Derivatives Identifier)
  5. X9F – Data and Information Security Subcommittee (Tokenization, Key Management, Data Encryption)
  6. US Mirror to ISO TC68/SC7/TG1 (Cards Standards)