The X9C1 BTRS work group (part of the X9C Corporate Banking subcommittee) has published new Detail and Summary codes to support the new Real Time Payment credit transfers. These codes are now available on the ANSI web store along with the standard X9.121-2016 Balance and Transaction Reporting Standard BTRS Version 3 (BTR3) (Format Guide). To learn more about these new codes and about the X9.121-20 Read More


The second consultation paper issued by the DSB Product Committee has been published and is now open for responses. The consultation is focused on a single instrument, the fixed-float plant vanilla interest rate swap definition and requests feedback on some key principles regarding the attributes that should form p Read More


X9 and Volante issued a press release today announcing the release of a web-based application called the BTRS Validator which is used for testing and validating messages defined by the Balance and Transaction Reporting Standard - X9.121 (BTRS). The application is acce Read More


Our next X9 seminar will be presented by Steve Ledford and Jim Colassano of The Clearing House and will provide a briefing on faster payments. Steve will discuss the global landscape for faster payments and the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Task Force. Jim will discuss The Clearing House's Real Time Payments service scheduled to launch later this year. The seminar will include a review of imme Read More